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Sighs and Proverbs to the Aeolian Islands The most beautiful experience of my life, after, of course, the birth of my children. What do you bring me? I try to tell you ... our crew, I start from here, made up of different and varied personalities, each of them with stories and teachings of real life. Inspired and magical days where to act as host, He Personal skipper, as well as owner of Aida2, the most exhilarating and surprising traveling companion.

Together with us, amazing travelers who in every island have characterized their dreamlike journey. Dawns and Sunsets are almost as good as if you wanted to compete with those who were the most beautiful, the wild nature and the smells of the Earth, then King Mister Stromboli and his brother Strombolicchio who more than others leave a trail of lava and spurts in my heart...

From the volcanic pebbles a strong energy is released that accompanies you through the narrow streets that smell of jasmine. At least once in your life touch the wings of these seven equal and different sisters that it seems, for the position they have, they want to tell you: "WE ARE HERE, RETURN WHEN YOU WANT BUT ....... PLEASE BACK!" .